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what clients say...

                                                                                 "Michelle Stoppi is, by far, the most skillful, sensitive and effective Craniosacral Therapist I have had the pleasure of being worked on by...And I have had many different CST Therapists from around the world work on me.  I can not recommend her highly enough."  


                                - Jackie, Miami Beach, FL

"Thanks for all the work you did with me.  I know that set me up for a successful surgery!"

                                     - Daniel, Houston, TX

"My daughter was about to have a helmet due to Bulging Head Syndrome.  I did some research to see what therapies might her her avoid the helmet since it is controversial.  Michelle worked with my daughter for a few months until her skull was pretty and round! I would definately recommend her."


                                  - Laurie, Miami Beach, FL

"Thank you for treating all our clients at the Empowerment Retreat.  You blew their minds!"


                                - Xochitl, Los Angeles, CA



"Thank you so much again for today, Michelle.  I can't tell you enough how much I benefit from your sessions."

                                 - Alice, Washington DC






















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